Things You Should Know about Maryland Crabs


Maryland crabs are also referred t as the blue crabs, and they have been caught commercially for a long time now by the people who are experts in finding them. There is the management of the daily catch which is supposed to ensure that the crab’s harvest is balanced throughout the year which is one way of making sure they can conserve the nature. There are also some other departments which are charged with the mandate of making sure that there are enough females to sustain the crabs and even support the harvest from Crab Dynasty which is very much valued in Maryland.

There are some of the facts that those people who harvest the crabs need to know as well as the people who have had some of the most critical information about the crabs. The scientific name of the crab is derived to mean beautiful swimmer that is savory. Most people refer to the crabs as the Maryland crabs, but it is not supposed to say that it can only be found in the waters of Maryland because some of them are located in the waters around the shore of Virginia and other places which are near.

These creatures are bottom-dwelling predators which in most cases they feed on fish which is either dead or alive. They also feed on others crabs, snails, eelgrass, and some of the decayed vegetation in the sea. Males of the crabs have a brilliant blue color especially on the claws but the females will have red tips, and this is how people get to differentiate between the males and the women. They have a hard shell which looks like a shield, and they protect their backs. If you want to learn more about Maryland crabs, visit

Males and females can also be differentiated from the fact that most of the male’s abdomen is long and slender than that in the women and therefore it is not hard for people to distinguish between them. Most are harvested as hard shells which takes time after the molting while some are collected as soft shells which are required to be harvested just immediately after molting. There is a legal size that people are supposed to observe when dealing with the crabs from Crab Dynasty which is one of the things that most people need to take care of. It is not just caught by people there are some of the few licenses which should be issued to the people who need to find the crabs for commercial purposes.


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